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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Google Nest Thermostat restarting and blinking green.

We installed this Thermostat on June 2021. Just today it began restarting on its own and blinking green. I have tried all the solutions with no luck. How do I file a claim for Warranty since it has not been a year yet. I have tried googling it but it...


Has anyone else had issues with nest or google app saying thermostat is offline? However when I go to thermostat it is not offline and it is connected to wifi. I recently had to reset it due to issues with the temperature not changing even though hea...

Tjkasan by Community Member
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Thermostat connected to wifi but cannot get entry key - help please  

Temp sensor suggestion

It would be nice if we can choose the time of day for a sensor to be used. Not just 9:00 pm for example being defined as night time.

CedarTree by Community Member
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Home / away

Well, my thermostat still not fixed as promised by google techs on this forum.still stuck in eco mode and home / away does not work.this will never be fixed. Three thermostats that just do not work !when will they have something for us ?

heshie75v by Community Member
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Nest Learning thermostat not so smart

I had ensured that I turned off the eco settings in the app and on the thermostat. I found that there was another "eco" setting. This would be the home and away feature.The feature makes sense if you want it to lower the temp when you are not home (a...

rpetrain by Community Member
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New Nest Thermostat

Checking to see if the nest works with wireless thermostat, pretty sure it’s not going to work. Nothing to connect to an nest is coming with solar panel set-up

Jellis by Community Member
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