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Nest Thermostats

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Robertshaw 9600

I just bought a Google Nest thermostat to replace my old RobertShaw9600. However, when I go through the setup option in the app, it says it is not compatible. I am attaching a photo of the wiring of the old thermostat. Any help would be appreciated.

Robertshaw 9600.jpg
Psyfon by Community Member
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Installing Nest power adapter

Hello Folks,I have multiple Nest Thermostats to control multi-zone heat and none get power because there is no C wire. So, I got a Nest power adapter and I am trying to install it to a hydronic gas-based multi-zone heating system. It needs to be inst...

Nest thermostat wont allow password

New wifi router and password, previously changed password on thermostat and added ok. Now thermostat wont allow any password keeps adding each letter, not the correct ones. No Id ref on base to add to app after reset per instructions and followed all...

Prb by Community Member
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Nest y’all suck asss

I’ve been calling and trying to get any assclown that **bleep**ing can tell their ass from their pie hole to tell me how the flying **bleep** to get the previous users 4 digit code removed. If any of you assclowns can do that I’d appreciate it since ...

Rainy1 by Community Member
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Thermostat Compatible??

 Anybody have an idea if this works or not? There are no diagrams to be found online.Rc (with jumper to R) & C wired. Heat only system installed in 2016.

A-S by Community Member
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Nest Gen 3 battery

Thermostat not connecting to internet due to low battery. There is no blinking light on front as described in troubleshooting guide. Anyone know the what could be issue?

MikeLinda by Community Member
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