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W5 error and unable to reach contact support

Tried multiple times to get rid of this error. Also tried using the call and chat options which continually advise it’s out of business hours even though the hours Advise almost 24/7. How on Earth and i meant to fix this?

Hayleyh by Community Member
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Replacement heat link Ireland

HiMy 2nd gen heat link has died and I'd like to purchase a replacement. I've had the unit for 4 years. How can I get one in Ireland/EU Thanks

Nest turning off at random

My nest randomly turns itself off. It doesn't give me any wiring codes when it turns back on, it just simply says "your wiring has changed." It's like it's not keeping power, but if I try to charge it with a USB, it doesn't charge. So I take it off t...

Nest Thermostat E with TACO ZVC406-EXP zone valve

I have a TACO ZVC406-EXP zone valve controller and want to upgrade my current thermostats with Nest E. I have 2 wires running to the thermostat RC and W. When i switch them out with the nest E, i have nothing at all, the thermostat will not power on....

KapDAS by Community Member
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Honeywell to Nest Thermostat in Condo - No cold air

Worked well in the winter as it heated fine. I believe the old thermostat was a multi-stage fan. I have since moved the Orange to O/B and did a reset but still no cold air. Any thoughts? Will this basic Nest Thermostat support this?I live in a condo ...

IMG_5536.jpeg IMG_5560.jpeg
JameelK by Community Member
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Display Time

Is it possible to have the newer Nest thermostat display the time and weather as its main display, when you walk by or if you press the side of the device?

Outlast by Community Member
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Nest power connection issue

I have installed the power connector and I believe it is correct. The thermostat worked for about 13 hours and now doesn’t have power. I am connecting to a Taco sr503 3 zone switching relay. please advise

Dana14 by Community Member
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Lock Nest thermostat

Hi,I read the article on how to lock your nest thermostat, and my app interface doesn’t seem to have the options it cites. I can click settings, but there isn’t a setting for Lock. Has anyone else had this issue?

Harrys1 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Offline Issue

Worked fine for 6 months but now goes off line weekly. Thermostat says my WiFi signal is strong. But it will disconnect and a restart fixes it. When looking at settings it gives me a Nest server Has a C wire connection. Battery level s...

Redbluff by Community Member
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Resolved! Replacing Honeywell ChronoTherm III T8601C with nest thermostat

Sorry. I know it is duplicate. Posting it again as I was not able to reply in my previous post under different profile.In existing Honeywell ChronoTherm III T8601C (with wires R, G, B, W, Y ) . White wire is connected to O terminal , Yellow wire is c...

Honeywell Chronotherm III T8601C.jpg Nest1.jpg
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