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Replacing ecobee with Nest Thermostat

 Which connection should use for the wire labeled “PEK”. I am replacing my ecobee with Nest Learning Thermostat. The photo is how the ecobee is currently connected. It runs a Carrier HVAC

JonathanG by Community Member
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Faulty thermostat

Hello is anyone having issues like us. We have a gen 3 thermostat (we are wireless and use the stand) that had a battery fault. Google have sent out a replacement ‘stat under warranty. This would not link to the hat link pad. Google arranged for a BO...

Wiring comparability check

Hello, Here is a picture of the wiring for my current Salus thermostat heat link. Can it be replaced with a Google Nest Learning Thermostat / Heat Link. If so, how should I wire in the new Google nest heat link? Thanks,Liam

Liam5 by Community Member
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Daikin TE226 Compatibility

My condo currently has a Daikin TE226 thermostat. How would I wire this to a Nest Thermostat? Daiking Wiring diagram:

tZeus by Community Member
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Return policy

I read a previous post about somebody filing a complaint with the better business bureau. My nest learning thermometer can't even see my Wi-Fi system. I have four cameras two doorbells and four nest protects. They want to hold a $180 on my credit car...

Robertx1x by Community Member
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Wifi Issue / Slow Screen Turn On

Excuse the rambling.I have three learning thermostats, 2 work no issue, 1 has decided it can't connect if it finds the signal or find the wifi signal. In addition at times it is now slow to light up when pressed or when someone walks by.Error Code: n...

All seems fine but no heat!

Please help!No error code, Wi-Fi connected, Heat link re-set, restarted everything- but still no heat. I don’t know what to do! This was a problem before the summer and a new thermostat was installed yesterday- all was working fine, now nothing again...

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