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Nest Thermostats

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No power at all.

I installed my new learning nest thermostat today. Followed instructions exactly. Simple setup. Only 5 wires. Red, white, yellow, green, blue (common). No power after restarting breaker. No blinking lights or anything. Just black.checked all connecti...

Hhipal by Community Member
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Nest heat link

Heat link on nest learning thermostat not connecting after install only 7 months old- indicator light yellow- tried all the troubleshooting guides and still no response to unit, heating on manual now but I believe I need a replacement unit.

Lids by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Error N72

Error N72: "Power wire Rh detected. No connection to equipment." 24VAC confirmed.I recently installed a Gen 3 Nest Thermostat. We have completely separate heat and Air Conditioning systems. From our standard, ducted air conditioning system we have fo...

FrankieJ by Community Member
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Thermostat Stopped Working and I Hear Clicking

We started using heat again in the house now that the temperature is getting colder. I noticed the temperature can be changed on the app, but the unit is unresponsive. When I try to adjust temperature from the wall, the unit turns off and on then sho...

NestLover by Community Member
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google nest temperature sensor

My new nest thermostate came with the version #3 and it included a temperature sensor, however there were no instructions with it. How it works, where to mount etc.?

ke by Community Member
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Replacement Heat Link required as still under warranty

My nest thermostat had suddenly it stopped working, showing now power through the heat link, no lights on heat link. Has been tested by an electrician. Purchased via Amazon U.K. July 2020, I need a replacement as still within 2 year warranty. Posting...

Dingall by Community Member
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3rd Gen nest thermostat wiring issues

hi all. I’ve followed the instructions to a T on our new nest. We have the following wires from the old thermostat :R-redO-orangeC-light blueG-greenW2-whiteY-yellowthe issue is that when the cooling kicks on, the unit blows out hot air. It is not an ...

Resolved! UK - Replacement heat link

Hi,One of my heat links has suddenly stopped working. There are no lights on it. It was working fine, and our other one is working fine. We've not changed any of our wiring etc. We're just getting error H71 on the thermostat. How do I go about gettin...

Poolius by Community Member
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