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My thermostat will not cut off. I set at a temp it reaches that temp and it continues to raise. Example if I ser temp to 70 the house temp will raise and raise. Up 79 or 80. I can not cut the furnace off with my phone or manually, the furnace will st...

AB1 by Community Member
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The scheduler in my 3rd gen NEST has no interest in doing anything. It has been "learning" for over 3 weeks and has yet to show any kind of schedule. The only way I can change anything is to use the app manually. I could have spend $30 on a new therm...

kjpjr by Community Member
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Reset times for temp change

Need to know where to find owners manual on change times for temperature changes. ie. lower at 8PM to 6AM and a little higher during the day from 6AM - 8PM.

2243 by Community Member
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Heat link h72

Last night my heat link on my 3rd gen nest thermostat decided to cease working and displaying’H72 HEAT LINK’. It has been fitted since April 2019 with no issues until last night. I have read through all posts regarding, what seems to be the same issu...

Morphman1 by Community Member
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Multi Stage furnace now runs only at Low after Nest Reset

I have had a Nest Learning Thermostat for three years. It has run our multi stage furnace normally during that time, but we had some problems with the Nest not tracking our phone's locations properly, and going into ECO mode when we were still home. ...

tchp by Community Member
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My nest thermostat heats up the house to the set temperature and switches off and does not maintain the set temperature. You have to then set a higher temperature to get the boiler to come on again. This is happening constantly. Any help or advise ap...

PeterC by Community Member
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Currently having the h72 heat link issueeverything working fine till lastnight when this issue come up. no lights in the heat link unless plugged in via the micro charge port completely unresponsive otherwise. reset router, checked fuse’s,managed to ...

Miit by Community Member
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