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2 wire Nest Learning Thermostat Installation

My current Honeywell thermostat has 2 wires. One is Red to the R connection and a Blue wire to the C connection. It controls both heat and AC. Will my new Nest Learning Thermostat work with this set-up? I assume that the Red is for heat and the Blue ...

Nest Heatlink stopped working

Heatlink has comoletely stopped working. Had it looked at and advised we need a new one. Have only used the Nest so very disappointing and left us freezing in our house yesterday.

Conorb5 by Community Member
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Useless Company

Got problem they acknowledged problem was there's and sent a replacement that wasn't fit to throw quality controlthey don't carewhat a joke company

David5 by Community Member
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Good morning, I have the nest app on phone and can not get the schedule to work , I can work it manually turning on and off but this u doing my nut in I just want to schedule for 6am and get up to a warm house thanks x

Lynnee by Community Member
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Heating outside of programmed timings

So I keep coming home and finding the heating on despite having pre programmed timings! I have everything switched off on the nest so it should function only as a traditional programmed thermostat, why?

Mick66 by Community Member
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Schedule Nest by time

Hi I can schedule my nest to turn on at a certain time. but can you schedule it to turn off. For example in the morning I schedule it to turn on at 7am to 18c but it stays on for over an hour and i have to manually turn it off. I want to schedule it ...

Hall sender offline

I have the Google nest thermostat E worked OK but couple days ago alexa won't connect to thermostat. Can work manually but not voice just says hallway offline any advise please

Davy by Community Member
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System data

Hi…I only seem to be able to view the last 10 days activity on my thermostat and ideally I would like a month or more of data. Does anyone know how to obtain this?

Nest heat not turning on

When the temperature outside dropped to my auxiliary heat settings for my heat pump the heat did not come on and the temperature in the house got colder and colder. I did a reset but did not help. i manually went to equipment and ran a test on heat p...

Revil by Community Member
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