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Nest Thermostats

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Question on Jumper Y and W wiring.

Hello,Trying to install GA-02082-USThere is jumper on Y and W, I am not sure which one should be on used on the Nest.Do I plug it W or Y? Do I need to put a jumper on the Nest?My current wiring is the followingRc and Rh are jumpered and Red Wire is o...

bcho by Community Member
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Thermostat wiring

I would like to install Nest Learning Thermostats 3rd gen. I have 3 zone baseboard heating from a boiler. The heat only thermostats currently have an Rh and W connection. The Rh and Rc are jumpered. The thermostat that controls heat AND AC has the fo...

Mtee by Community Member
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Learning Thermostat with boiler and A/C

Currently i have a hot water boiler for baseboard heating and separate central a/c. There are 5 connections : Rc, Rh, W, Y and G. There is no C wire... Looking at videos online using an external VIIVRIA 24v power adapter it says to tape off the Rh (i...

johnH_nj by Community Member
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H72 The power to the thermastat is off

Woke up this message this morning - H72 The power to the thermastat is off There is no power / green light on my heat pad either Noboys has touched anything so i am guessing this is a terminal thing with the heat pad maybe Can anyone help me please?

Bumph1 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat shorts furnace

Hi,I have nest thermostat which worked fine for a while until one day my furnace tripped. I called electricity provider in my area. After inspecting the furnace and wiring, he disconnected the blue wire which was connected to 'C' (Common) part in the...

R wire is buzzing after installing into Rh

There's a faint buzzing sound after I connect the R wire to Rh for the learning thermostat. Like others suggested, I tried to clean the wire and the connector but the faint buzzing is still around after. Any other suggestions? Thanks

Nest thermostat

I am installing a Nest Thermostat. I have Y, O, W2, R, G and C wires. The Nest Thermostat doesn’t have a connector for the W2. Where shall I connect the W2 wire?

Faulty heat link

My heat link has just stopped working. Judging by comments it’s a common issue. Trying to order replacement without success, please can someone help. no lights on it and nest thermostat loosing power and now offline. Power supply is fine

Tab333 by Community Member
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