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Double check on wiring heat pump

Looking for a second opinion to validate my plan to re-wire an old thermostat (carrier) to a Nest Learning thermostat. The thermostat controls a dual-fuel heat pump/gas furnace on the 2nd zone of the house.Wiring map plan (labeling from old thermosta...

gsoltes1 by Community Member
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Thermostat not following schedule

I recently edited my schedule for Nest Thermostat but it does not seem to follow the schedule. I have the heat set to turn on at 4:30am to 68 degrees, then at 8am go to 62 degrees and then at 4pm back to 68 degrees. It just stays at 68 degrees and ne...

mvp7 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Replacement thermostat constant rebooting.

I received a replacement for my Generation 3 Learning thermostat yesterday. The old one no longer received Wifi. The replacement immediately worked fine, but started rebooting every 2-4 minutes. I was able to check for software update during one time...

Zager by Community Member
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3 Wire Install Question

I have a 3 wire thermostat (Honeywell) for heat and ac, no zones. Colors are red, white, green. On the honeywell, green can be plugged into either the G or C and it works either way (tested it). I didnt take a picture before removing so of course I a...

zidagose by Community Member
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H71 Error, Heat link not working

I have 2 Nest thermostats - One is working perfectly well, but this has been replaced late last year as this failed and was automatically replaced by BOXT. Now my downstairs link has stopped working with the code H71 and there is no light on the link...

Offline thermostat

My nest app keeps disconnecting making the thermostat offline. Wi-Fi and connection is fine but it’s never dropped out all the time. I also can’t transfer to google home as it just wants to setup as a new thermostat process

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