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7 wire system. I have everything labeled but the brown A wire.

Hi all, Just went out and bought the nest learning thermostat and am in the middle of wiring it up. I have everything labeled with the exception of a Brown A wire. Looking through the manual of my old system it looks like it’s an “Economizer/Time of ...

DDC36A62-4FC0-4464-9647-2DBC22DDC23E.jpeg 766887CF-EB5E-4430-9B9C-93C2C4C5D12D.jpeg
Rpixton by Community Member
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Hello, I installed everything and I'm getting error code E260. Here is the wiring set up 

TheFuse by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat doesn't connect to wifi

My Nest learning thermostat no longer connects to wifi. I have restarted the thermostat as well as the router. I also have reset the thermostat. When searching for a router, it did not detect any. All other devices are working properly. Today, I had ...

John75 by Community Member
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Resolved! Fan runs off and on even when system is off

My fan runs on and off at random times even when the nest system is off. It runs with both the heat and cool mode. My nest thermostat doesn't register when the fan is on either. The fan just runs by itself at random times. Please help! Thanks.

Lindsey by Community Member
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Honeywell heat pump thermostat LR69071

The wires coming into the back of the thermostat are R, G, O, Y, W2 and X. The place to list wires on the app to check if A/C is compatible with Nest Thermostat does not have an "X" listed. It's a blue wire. Any idea if compatible or how to wire new ...

Nest keeps shutting down

I have a Nest thermostat that won’t connect to WiFi with a W5 issue and doesn’t seem to hold a battery charge as when plugged in just keeps saying it needs to shutdown due to low battery… help!

Neat Thermostat Additional Boost mode

can you have a vote for your customers and see who wants and update in your thermostats software that allows a boost mode ?? I reckon 90% of your customer base will want this option give the customers what they want please …..

Roundy by Community Member
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