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Honeywell to Nest. How do I wire this properly?

  I just need to know any solution that allows me to wire this in, if possible. I know I can consult a professional installer but I really don't want to spend another $100 if someone can assist me on here.

IMG_20211206_115117.jpg IMG_20211206_115113.jpg IMG_20211206_115110.jpg
Daniel3 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not holding a charge

I have 3 Nest Learning Thermostats, all 3rd Generation wired exactly the same way, 2 function normally 1 is not charging.I have had the Thermostats for about a year and 1 has recently stopped charging. We manually charge the unit by plugging in the U...

omikeneil by Community Member
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Nest ECO mode via IFTTT

I want the ability to set my Nest Thermostat(s) to ECO mode when I set my alarm to Away, via IFTTT or other platform. This used to work with Nest Accounts, and no longer is supported once you convert your account to Google.

C Wire Adaptor Install Photo - Is this Not Right?

Bought the C-Wire adaptor, followed the instructions provided. Heating only system. After installing the adaptor, the thermostat still works, which says to me the thermostat wires are hooked up correctly through the adaptor. There's still no power th...

Photo Dec 06, 11 24 36 AM.jpg Photo Dec 06, 11 23 28 AM.jpg
Clueless by Community Member
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How To Change Sensor Schedule - Please Help!

Please, please, please - I need a way to control which sensor the thermostat is using based on my schedule. The predefined ones absolutely do not help me because they don't align with my life.I know this is not supported in the Android app. I know th...

RobDude by Community Member
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Lost nest thermostat panel

Hello! We just got the Nest Thermostat from the utility company, but after unpacking the box, lost the basic circular plastic panel that comes with it. How could I get a replacement? Thank you!

novci by Community Member
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Stop Nest Thermostat changing to high temperature

My thermostat upstairs (I also have one downstairs) keeps adding in a random 23.5’C temperature into it’s schedule. I keep having to delete this.I don’t understand why it keeps doing it (I never have the temperature on either thermostat above 21’C, a...