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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat stuck heating.

My nest thermostat continues to heat when unit is already over set temp. Like it is stuck on and doesn’t display that it’s heating… Anyone else have this experience?

by Not applicable
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Cannot connect nest to my iPad

I accidentally deleted my google account. After successfully reinstating the account, it will no longer give me access to my nest service through my iPad, so i now have to make adjustments to the nest settings using the thermostat control on the wall...

Iggy by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

We’ve had ours going on 2 yrs but recently I get this will start in 1hr 45 mins or in 30 mins etc but the heat never comes on all night. We live in a mobile home and it gets down to 50 in the house and it still won’t come on till the next day in the ...

Lislaru by Community Member
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Nest therm

Is it possible to heat separate rooms? On workdays I only want my study room to heat up and not my living room

Background App Refresh

Recently got iPhone 13. I keep getting prompted to allow background app refresh by the Nest app, but it’s darkened out on my menu list. I can’t change anything. Is this a glitch?

RocketEm8 by Community Member
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How to turn off ECO permanently?

How do I turn off ECO permanently? I will be home sleeping at night and the thermostat will go into ECO mode. The temperature drops then my family complains at how cold it is. I just want it to stay at a specific temperature through the night and sto...

Nest Gen 3 Delayed Heat Pump

My Gen 3 thermostat just started displaying delayed messages, usually nearly 5 minutes. I’ve had this thermostat for a few years (actually a second after a replacement some time ago). It happens when the heat pump is running. It seems shut the system...

SteelCor by Community Member
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