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Nest thermostat says no power

Ok, so we have 2 separate furnace/ac systems 1st floor and 2nd floor. Installed Nest Learning thermostats in both locations, 2nd floor working perfectly. The 1st floor is problematic. It runs for a while then I get e74 message, no power in the line. ...

Mike-Mass by Community Member
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My nest thermostat is not keeping my house warm. The nest warms the house then it drops the temp to 65 or 62 then says it will take 2+hrs to reach the set temp. I've tried setting a schedule, turned off learning and eco and I'm still having this issu...

ABagby by Community Member
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Setting a manual schedule

When I set up my manual schedule at 7am it comes on at 6am. Does the time i set relate to the time it switches on or does it think that that's the time i want the room to reach set temperature and therefore turn on earlier.

Security key has a hyphen

Just bought the house. Has nest thermostat E. I have zero documentation on this thermostat and never used one before. I was able to get it connected to my WiFi, have the Nest App on my iPhone ( IOS15). Pulled up the security key and it has a hyphen (...

Shoupda46 by Community Member
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Inside room temperature

Just bought a learning Nest thermostat. How do I know what temperature inside the room is remotely. Its in a vacation home. I can change the thermostat temp but how can see the ambient temp of the room?

NEST Thermostat not working

This evening I noticed the heating unit in the attic was kicking on and off. I went to the Nest app and I found a “no power to rh” error code. Within 3 seconds the code goes away and the unit kicks back on and works as it should. Monitoring the issue...

Trpbeliel by Community Member
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Thermostat & Account can't be accessed

Thermostat and app are suddenly not communicating. My app won't access my account. Tried to log in. Password won't work. Tried to reset password by asking a reset password to be sent. It says it was sent, but it never arrives. I tried to re add my Th...

Nestvis by Community Member
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