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e74 Wiring Report

Says no power to Rh wire. Been working fine until now. I’ve turned the breakers off and back on an i’ve removed the wire and reset it and still get same error. help?

Df by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat installation

I am installing a Nest thermostat to replace a two wire Honeywell. I replaced the original wiring with 8/5. I have no trouble wiring the thermostat. The problem came in the furnace. The gas furnace has five wiring slots: G, Com 24V, W, Y, and R. I wi...

Larry by Community Member
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Problems with nest heat link

The nest has lost connection to the heat link thermostat control. The heat link is showing no lights so when following the instructions I can’t reset and restart the heatlink to reconnect it. How do I restart the heat link to have power? Thanks

JWard by Community Member
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thermostat passcode

Lost wifi connection and then my thermostat froze. I read about removing it and re-adding it. I went to re add it and it asked for my passcode on the thermostat. I can't remember the passcode on the thermostat. I can't re add it to the app without th...

wiring a nest thermostat from a Trane

My Trane thermostat has 6 wires. Green wire going to G, Brown going to Y2, yellow to Y1, White to 0, Blue to B/C, and Red to RH. Jumper wire from RH to RC. My unit has a 2 speed variable speed compressor. Will the Nest work? Thanks Ted Bonner

Tedfire by Community Member
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Nest not recognizing my ac

Just hooked up nest thermostat- my old one had a jumper between the Rc and Rh. After completing set up there is no option for cooling. How do I get the thermostat to recognize the need for the automatic jumper.

TWIG by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat v3 WiFi woes

Cannot connect to WiFi, w5 error. Did extensive trouble shooting going through several forums, Nest Support contact via twitter, phone calls but no luck :(. Sounds like this is a "known issue" faulty wifi chip. Can someone please help with this issue...

AmarV by Community Member
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