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No power

It said: E74, wiring report, no power to Rh wire detected. I don’t know why, It’s working for 4 days, all of sudden it stopped.

Philylin by Community Member
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Wiring issues with my nest

I have a white cable, a blue, a red, a green, and a yellow. Can't get my nest to power on. Green wasn't connected to old thermostat and there was a jumper between rh and rc

Nest Tstat won’t activate heat with C wire connected

I installed new Nest Tstats on a 2 wire hot water boiler. They work great but I got the power error. So I used a spare Tstat wire to connect the Tstat to the common side of the furnaces transformer. That resolved the power issue but now it won’t heat...

Dave3 by Community Member
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No heat mode

My nest gen 3 thermostat has no heating mode, only cooling mode. 

John6 by Community Member
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2 Wire system - can I get a 3rd generation Next Learning?

sorry Ill probably sound like an idiot.2 floors of heating - upstairs/downstairs. Each has their own thermostat.Only replacing the main floor .Can I use a Next Learning Thermostat with only a 2 wire system? I seem to find conflicting information on t...

RedJeff by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

Hi, My nest thermostat suddenly stopped working and there is no light on heat link. Thermostat is showing error code H71. Is that the fault with the heat link? What should I do?Thanks,Nyan

Nyan by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat not working/ delayed start

Sorry to say this but this Nest is crappy! The second or third time having trouble starting AC and Heating. This morning I brought in a technician who isolated the problem to the thermostat not being able to senda power signal to the heater. This has...

Ammar_Mo by Community Member
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Battery critically low message

Our nest thermometer is now giving a warning message that the battery is low. It has only been in use since June. Should I need to replace the battery this often or does it indicate a wiring or system problem?

MegH by Community Member
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