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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! Nest thermostat v3 can't suddenly connect to wifi

Hello members, Since approx. 5 days i have issues with the nest thermostat. I won't connect to the wifi anymore. I have tried resetting network and resetting all settings to default but it doesn't resolve the issue. After that i tried resetting route...

Livai by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat (3gen.) can’t update software

Hello, Currently, on my Nest device there's 5.9.4-5 software version installed.According to information provided on support page the newest versions of software are available.Unfortunately, my device doesn’t see the newest versions different than 5.9...

trifazz by Community Member
  • 30 replies
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1 Nest no longer charges on wall

I have 4 Nest thermostats (all bought last year). One of them no longer will charge on the wall. Charges fine via USB and the other 3 if I swap them charge on the wall plate without issue. Charging if it up fully via usb works until the battery drain...

Tasel by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Nest account will not stay logged in

The Nest app on my phone has, up until recently, worked fine. I used to log in and it stayed logged in. Now, whenever I open the app, I have to sign out and sign back in again using my Google details. This works fine, but the following day, I have to...

Resolved! Nest not connecting to App

Had set up nest with app when we got device 6 months ago. All worked well until one day it disconnected itself from our Google home mini. I had to set up device on the app again, but only a day later it had removed itself completely from the Google h...

Nest 3 control electric water heater

I wish to install a nest 3 and also replace my 27 year old electric water heater with a smart water heater. Will the nest 3 control my electric water heater or does it only control gas water heaters?

Nest thermostat

I have a Nest Snow. Is there anyway to completely terminate the schedules and just run on manual? I'd like to be able to just use the app (or the thermostat) to turn up and down the temp.

Drmike by Community Member
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