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Cameras and Doorbells

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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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Solar panel

Just wanted to see if anyone is using a solar panel for these cameras. If so, please let me know what panels you are using. I cant find a store who has them

Tito3470 by Community Member
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Doorbell Won't Reconnect

I am unable to reconnect our doorbell. I have reset but I cannot get it to chime or light up or connect to wifi. Any suggestions?

grabbyl28 by Community Member
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Link my new cameras in Google home to my Google nest app

Link my new cameras in Google home to my Google nest apphow.? I see all my cameras in my Google Home but when I go to my Google Nest app it only shows to my doorbell and the Google hub max I have four other cameras three outdoor magnetic Google cam n...

Bear12670 by Community Member
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Nest IQ Outdoor Camera Repair

My Nest IQ Outdoor Camera does not power on. I was informed that it is out of warranty. Does anyone know of a source to get it repaired? Thanks.

Nest Hello doorbell (wired) replacement mounting plate

Hello my nest hello doorbell (wired) wall plate/mounting plate top tab broke so it doesn't lock into place. This has happened because I need to keep resetting it. Seeing as it's very cold here (mn) it finally decided to not work. Where can I purchase...

thedk10 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell won't connect

Let's try this again. I've been trying to install my Nest Hello and always get errors NC022 or NC023. The doorbell is about 2 feet from the hub so connectivity shouldn't be an issue. I've never had issues with other Nest products, some of them are 30...

Skaner by Community Member
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Nest cam with lights (wired)

I’ve had the nest cam/floodlight unit fitted today and no matter how I try it will not connect to the home app. It tells me it’s connecting then says there is a problem. WiFi is good. Sparky says it’s getting power. Help!