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New NEST google camera doesn’t work on nest app?

So just bought this new nest outdoor battery camera and from what I am reading they no longer allow it to be connected to the NEST app? Am I understanding this right?The Camera and security app no longer works for the CAMERA. I have to go to the goog...

KHewitt by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Google nest doorbell

My nest doorbell is chipping and peeling underneath the gloss layer. It looks terrible. Haven’t even had it that long yet, and don’t feel this should be happening. Also, to clarify…it is not the film that’s supposed to be removed at installation. It’...

Ben_staal by Community Member
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Next Hello NC023 Error

Trying to set up nest hello, when it comes to connect I get the NC023 Bluetooth code. I already went through the trouble shooting process on Google nests site and nothing worked. Tried three different phones.

aymay by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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nest wired doorbell in constant power cycle on and off

mine completely quit working (cycling power on and off forever) and its only 3 years old and is also plagued with the peeling around the button which im starting to see is not rare at all. I pay 160 bucks a year for nest aware and they are willing to...

vatertime by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Battery Cam Won't connect

Hi all,I recently purchased a battery nest cam (indoor/outdoor) and go through all the setup prompts as guided through the home app (we already use a nest mini and chromcast through this app without issue). The camera gets to the connecting device an...

Chiefdunn by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Wired Nest Doorbell (battery) charging issues

I've switched from an older Nest doorbell to the new one and now having trouble with power supply. I've read about power requirements and switched from an older 24V 20VA transformer to a 24V 40VA one. The new transformer delivers 26.2V to the doorbel...

tjk by Community Member
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Changing WiFi Network for Nest Cam Floodlight

So after contacting Support and having all sorts of bad experiences with Google Support, another thread here that was locked, I have found a workaround, IDK if possible for all users, but certainly the ones that do not want to change their SSID - WiF...

LITMPLS by Community Member
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