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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest app is terrible on iOS and iPadOS

Same problem as highlighted by others before: The last several weeks the cameras will freeze up on the app and just keep spinning. The app on iPhone and iPad has always been inferior to the android app (not to say a piece of garbage) but the last few...

AxelF by Community Member
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Nest outdoor camera tripped the circuit

My nest outdoor camera seems to have tripped the GFCI circuit it was on around midnight. I went to check the outdoor camera the next day; saw that the outdoor power cord is disintegrating; crumbling. When I touched the cord it just started coming off...

fyd by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Drop cam How to retrieve Past video history

I want to request a legal investigation with the police , 6 months , somebody I know stole my social security retroactive. I saw everything in the video but I did not know about the saving clips. My subscription is for a month video history only. I h...

Doorbell Peeling =(

Has anyone had issues with their doorbell peeling ? wow looks horrible, just bought a bunch of google devices not sure what to do ??


Soooo. No updates to resolve lost cam features?

The new outdoor camera is garbage. I picked up the two-pack because I was looking to cut down on running wires, only to find out I can't add them to the Nest app. Using the Home app crippled the cameras. You lose all the features. Am I missing someth...

mainor44 by Community Member
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Nest Hello peeling

I just noticed that my Nest Hello is peeling like many others, but support under case 4-8398000032678 refused to replace it out of warranty despite my pleas. Is this truly the case? Can anything else be done? I recently moved and am in need of two ad...

Mwlyon by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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