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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Hello wall mount

Hello.My back plate is broken already. I was setting it up yesterday and decided it needed the angle plate fitting.I went to take it off the wall and the top plastic piece that secures the doorbell to the mount unit snapped off so now the nest doorbe...

bavo by Community Member
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Chirping sound while streaming Nest Cam to phone

Hello,When I stream audio and video to my phone using a Google Nest Cam (indoor, wired) I can hear what sounds like crickets chirping constantly. And no, there are no crickets nearby before anybody asks I've tried the camera in several different room...

Nikuma by Community Member
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Google nest max

My Google nest Max camera does not work since I have added a doorbell to Google home

62 by Community Member
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Camera wont connect to App

We set the first one up with the app and it has been installed successfully for a few weeks and works absolutely fine, however, the other one in the pack just will not set up any further than the page stating ‘Try moving closer to the Nest cam’ when ...

Sue_S by Community Member
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Peeling doorbell

I am on my second nest doorbell (previous one did the same after a few months if that) and I even protected this one with a cover yet it has started peeling on the front less than 2 years in. It appears that there is a few posts about this happening ...

KT78 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell OK for a multi-family?

Is the Nest Doorbell suitable for a multi-family building — or does only one tenant get notified when the doorbell is pressed? (Or would ALL tenants get notified when the doorbell is pressed?)

I can’t shut off “Motion” activity reporting

Even though I have “Motion” switched off on my iPad(s), every time a moth or leaf particle flies by or a car out on the street, the monitor records it as “Motion”. It’s annoying. We have multiple iPads and Android phones. Might one of their Nest Apps...

Snapshot no video

Please tell me I do not need a subscription to see live feed and video playback? This will be so frustrating knowing I spent all this money for just a doorbell?

Dc777 by Community Member
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