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Nest app doesn't recognize camera

Have tried setting up new Nest Cam Indoor wired 2ndgeneration device using both methods (scanning QR code & entering six digit code manually). Each time I get as far as the page that says 'Choose the last 4 digits of your camera's serial number' - bu...

Mrmarlow by Community Member
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Post power outage, 2 cameras down

We took a power hit the other day due to freakish wind in the Dallas Area. After, we had three cameras that didn't come back up with everything else. Two outdoor, one indoor (all Jon-IQ). We've tried the trusty unplug-replug, and that fixed one. The ...

Nest iq

I have 2 nest iq for the garden and my wife is the one who registered one and pays the service charge for one of them and now I want to get nest aware on the other one but just not sure how to do it or even combine the two together on the same accoun...

Battery runs down

Just set up 2 nest cam battery powereds about two weeks ago. Then my WiFi was off about 12 hours one day and both cams went dead. Batteries are completely dead. Is this normal because my WiFi goes off pretty regularly?????

James48 by Community Member
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Battery run down

Just setup 2 battery cams two weeks ago. WiFi was off about 12 hours and both cams ran battery’s completely down???

James48 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest camera wired doorbell

Sorry i didn't reply in time and my other post got closed. I tried all the suggestions in my previous post with no luck. I have the green dot light on my doorbell, but the ring aground the push button didn't do anything and has no light. I've recheck...

taken227 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Can the NestCam Floodlight be plugged in with AC adapter?

I recently purchased the wired nestcam floodlight. I was going to mount it and plug it into an outdoor outlet I have to power it. Instead, it is wired like a light fixture and where I’m hanging it, there’s no previous electrical wiring. Is there a wa...

MaisieMoo by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Cam not sensing

On 24 Oct 21 I installed the first of my 2 Nest Cams battery powered so that it would see my rear garden. That seemed to go well. Worth noting at this point I also have a Nest hello (door bell) and monitor that via the Nest app...or did!. While setti...

Javlin by Community Member
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