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Resolved! Youtube Kids chromecast

HiThe issue has only recently started. As far as I recall, nothing substantive has changed. Until the last week, it has been working fine.In Youtube Kids, the Cast button is missing. All is OK with other apps (eg Netflix, screen mirroring). The andro...

KP2104 by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Resolved! Storage blackhole bug and issues

It appears Chromecast with Google TV has several bugs regarding lost, overuse and/or misreporting of storage...I've been using my Chromecast with Google TV for almost 11 months now, and after a few months of having to clear caches and remove apps in ...

Futaura by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast (3rd gen

Can chromecast 3rd gen work without internet for Mirror casting?

shopdkm by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Chromecast not connecting

Hi Guys! Need some help. Chromecast has been working perfectly until recently when I cannot mirror my screen anymore. The ‘cast my screen’ button is there on google home but every time I want to cast it automatically stops casting. I have done a fact...

Ali1 by Community Member
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Hi. Setup chromecast little round one .Saying to increase the volume .Volume is on high on tv and iphone still no sound

Jayson72 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! "Ethernet adapter for CCWGTV" with 1st generation Chromecast

Hi, Can I use "Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast with Google TV" with 1st generation Chromecast? 1. replace the 1st generation Chromecast power adapter with "Ethernet Adapter for CCWGTV"2. connect the 1st generation Chromcast usb cable to the ""Etherne...

RogerT by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t add chromecast device to google home

I have my chromecast gen 1 connected to the tv hdmi. It’s on the welcome screen with its code. No matter what I do google home will not recognize the device even with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on when I go through the “add device” setup on my iPhone. I hav...

Steviez by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Green screen when casting from Chromebook to Chromecast

We are trying out Chromecast (gen 4 with google tv) at our school to enable casting from Chromebooks to Epson Projectors. When initiating the cast things work well but then after a few minutes, the screen will start getting green blocks eventually ta...

bbshank by Community Member
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Chromecast reset daily

It seems that every day when we go to cast from our bedroom tv which has Chromecast plugged in we are not able to cast and need to unplug from wall outlet and plug back in. This usually works but not sure how to avoid this.

Jklemp by Community Member
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