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Nest Thermostats

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connect to wi-fi

it’s been long time it can’t find our wifi and never been able to connect mean while we have very strong wi-fi

Tim18 by Community Member
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Thermostat occasionally misses a scheduled temp change. Remains on previous scheduled temp setting. Have to change manually.

Unreliable nest thermostat

I am pretty tired of having to get in my car and drive 70 miles to reset my nest thermostat to prevent my house from freezing. This thing had a single job and it can't even do that. I have perfect Wi-Fi and internet at my house and I can watch all my...

Nest thermostat

Hi, all of a sudden my nest thermostat has stopped working no lights on the heat link but power is there, looks like the heat link has blown? Surly not 路‍please advise but I have tried all the usual turned power off and on, checked there is power at ...