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The nest is blowing cool air on heating

My nest always change from hot air to cool air before reaching at target temp.When the heat is on, it starts well with hot air but suddenly changed to cool air even before being warm enough.Nest keeps saying it is heating but cannot get to the level ...

atfenway by Community Member
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Resolved! Fan running when furnace is off

The fan keeps activating even when the thermostat isn't asking for heat.Thought it was a problem with the furnace, since the fan schedule is disabled, and there's no fan schedule set up on the thermostat, but when I pull the thermostat off the wall, ...

absaroka6 by Community Member
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Resolved! Furnace not staying on until target temp is reached

Hi!Nest was professionally installed and no error codes. Temp is set to 69F and a thermometer shows internal temp at 58.5F. The furnace comes on occasionally but does not stay on as expected until the house reaches 69F.It’s in Heat mode not in Eco mo...

SCoallier by Community Member
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Can a G4cvz model wiring issue

I've got a propane boiler for heat only, my old thermostat is a Honeywell mercury dial style with a red and white. Do I need a power wire or with the existing wire work? I received a n260 code. If not how long do the batteries last? Thanks

Jgvt by Community Member
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W5 error code and cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

So randomly my nest thermostat stopped connecting to the Internet which in turn I cannot control my app anymore.I have seen several forums on this and no answers just replies saying it’s been sent to upper management. Does anyone have a solution?

Selfaye by Community Member
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Wiring issue

My old thermostat has a R wire (jumped to RC), Blue, White, Yellow and Green Wire. I tried installing the Nest using the Blue wire as suggested for C (Common). I get a e79 error code indicating no power to the common. A volt meter between B and G sho...

vanvreede by Community Member
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Google nest thermostat heat pump with oil burner

Hello. My hvac system uses a ac/heat pump and oil burner. My oil burner uses a 2 wire system( T and T). I am able to get the ac and heat pump working however when using aux heating the oil burner never comes on. The oil burner will work if I jump bot...