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Nest Thermostats

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Home Report discontinued?

i have not received a Nest Home Report in some time (maybe a year). Has this feature been discontinued? My email is up to date and there is nothing in my junk folder either. Thank you.

Nest52 by Community Member
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Wiring W2 aux, Wo/b, and Y2

I have heat pump HVAC with Bryant thermostat. It has W2 aux and W o/b wires - which go to W and O/B slots on Nest. What do I do with the extra Y2 wire

MPM by Community Member
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Hot air

I installed two google nest thermostats. When I turn them on cool they blow cool air but if I turn them off or raise the temperature they blow out hot air for about 4 minutes. I cleared all schedules thinking that was it and I also moved the o/b wire...

Billy by Community Member
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Heating issue

Ac works fine with the best thermostat but when I turn it to heat the ac compressor turns on outside and I get no heat. Has to be a setting or wiring issue but I need help

Sduke68 by Community Member
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