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Nest Thermostats

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Hot air

I installed two google nest thermostats. When I turn them on cool they blow cool air but if I turn them off or raise the temperature they blow out hot air for about 4 minutes. I cleared all schedules thinking that was it and I also moved the o/b wire...

Billy by Community Member
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Heating issue

Ac works fine with the best thermostat but when I turn it to heat the ac compressor turns on outside and I get no heat. Has to be a setting or wiring issue but I need help

Sduke68 by Community Member
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Upgrade to add hot water

I have a first gen. Nest thermostat controlling the heating only. I have a separate programmer for the hot water.Is it possible to upgrade the Heatlink to enable nest to control the hot water and heating.Thanks, J

jdixon by Community Member
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Furnace short cycling with nest gen 3

I have a 5 wire system Y1, G, Rc, W1, RhDual transformers. Central forced air and gas base board i installed the gen 3 nest thermostat on one of the 3 zones of heat the furnace would power on for 5 minutes, quickly shut off, then turn back on. I adde...

Fillyfilm by Community Member
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I can't change the comfort heat temperature

Hello,The comfort temperature is set to 72, I need to lower it to 68-70 and I can't. I am also having the hold temperature to end every time I need to change some settings, I get a message the hold temperature is set to end at certain time and when I...

mabdallah by Community Member
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Thermostat set to 70, temp is 64.

Hello,My thermostat ia set to 70 and the temperature is 64, but the furnace isnt running. The screen shows orange and says "heat Stage 2". This is happening every day. I took off all settings for home/away and scheduled changes.Thank you

Margaret by Community Member
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Incorrect temperature

Hello,I just installed a nest thermostat e 1st generation. It is showing that it is 80 degrees in my house when I know it’s only 70 at most. I have tried restarting the thermostat and that did not work. How can o correct this issue?