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Shoutout to Nest Support for Wasting My Time

I've been a longtime supporter of Nest but not Google. Have had four thermostats in total, and this most recent one failed after nine months, with the unit heating when the AC being turned on. No changes were made. It just up and started heating duri...


Hello,I have switched off nest learning mode and would like to relay on manual mode only but every single day there is some schedule on which wasn't set up by me or anybody else. I switch it off but next day there is new schedule. What is going on? C...

MsMadox by Community Member
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I have the my thermostat since we have had the house I noticed a few month ago that it will not connect to the app or my network, will not connect with mobile hotspot either, I went through all troubleshooting techniques and still have nothing. This ...

Princehb by Community Member
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Any connect nest thermostat device

I get to the end of the setup and it says “searching for nearby nest devices to assist” or something like that, but it never finds any and I’m stuck. I have setup one nest thermostat but have 3 to go.

asackeim by Community Member
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Is my system is compatible with the Nest?

Hi, I am wondering if my system is compatible with the Nest? I have used the compatibility app and it sent me here. I only have a C wire and a R wire at my thermostat block. I'm trying to replace a Pro 1 T955WH The thermostat from my utility has a no...

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iamRod by Community Member
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Resolved! nest chedule

Hi i have installed the nest thermostat and have set what i thought was a schedule....? but i'm confused, my brain thinks yes i want to start at 07:30 and off at 09:30 for my heating..? do i set two single points and it works this out how do i set th...

ade0029 by Community Member
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