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Heatlink dead

I have contacted Google and been sent info on how to return a dead heatlink, but this doesn't give info on how to remove it from the wall in order to do so, as it is wired in????? Google won't send a replacement until I return the original??? This is...

EL by Community Member
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Replace Danfoss 5001 with Nest

Dear readers,I have a Danfoss 5001 thermostat (see picture).To which wires of the nest I can connect this one? Thanks in advance,cheers,Rob

Robvddonk by Community Member
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Heatlink dead

Found this thread with a community support memeber. Here are my answers to her questions: Hi everyone, Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late reply. We're sorry to hear about your Nest thermostats. I'd kindly ask all of you to try these steps...

Heatlink has no power

Heatlink has no output power but correct input. Google Support has been impossible, I spent 45 mins waiting on the phone yesterday before the line cut off. The unit needs replacing asap but I can't find a route to get any support!

Phone location not recognised

My thermostat doesn't recognise my phone location and keeps turning the heating off because I'm apparently not here. I have been through all the usual settings and permissions and they are all correct. And I am sitting in the house, on the Nest app, ...

Heating schedule

Hi Cam someone explain to my why the UI for the scheduling is so poor and doesn't do anything as expected.Why can't I just set a time on and a time off.My system takes whatever the last temp set was and carries it in until it hits the next one.Surely...

Taosage by Community Member
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Wifi Issues

We have recently had two Nest thermostats installed and have since had issues with our wifi router constantly dropping out. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

edubois by Community Member
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Gas boiler non-reacting to NEST after normal functionality

Hi,Our UK gas boiler (on/off; 24V system; nest thermostat E, UK) does suddenly/intermittently not react appropriately to the NEST input anymore, after having run without any issues for many months. It started after the heat system not having heated f...