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Temp switches to higher degree even if i change it.

My nest will change from 70 degrees to 77 all of a sudden. How do I stop it from changing? It's starting to irritate me. I will turn it down from 74 to 70 and 5 - 10 min later it will automatically adjust to 77. Help!

LoriFe by Community Member
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New to Nest

Hello All,I recently had a brand new heatpump system installed in my home that previously had no A/C. We do our heating with a boiler system that has its own thermostat. The contractor that installed my new system along with the new Nest Learning the...

Runnernpa by Community Member
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Sensory offline

Hi, I have the Nest learning thermostat, and I have 3 sensors connected to it. Since 2 days ago all 3 are offline, and I can't figure out what's the problem. Any advice?

Ami1 by Community Member
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Wiring for white rodgers model 1F 58W86

I have a White- Rodgers model 1F 58W86 thermostat trying to connect to new nest thermostat. Set-up keeps telling me that it's not compatible. Any ideas? G -Green. R- red X1- blue E- brownW2- white Y- yellow. O- orange

mabilli by Community Member
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Removal of a nest thermostat gen 1

Nest stopped working. We can not get the thermastat to connect to the heat link. We have decided since we are selling the house to completely remove nest. I can find lots of information about installing but none on how to remove a generation 1 nest. ...

Linz72 by Community Member
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Installing Nest to Gas Boiler

Received gift. Trying to connect to our gas boiler. No AC, just heat. Replacing old Honeywell mercury bulb thermostat with only two wires coming from wall (white and black). Is the nest compatible and which holes do I insert the black and white wires...

JimM by Community Member
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New Nest Thermostat installation in Europe

Hi everybody! I was wondering if anybody in the community uses the new Google Thermostat in Europe.I purchased it when I was in US without making a detailed research and when I tried to install it I realized that it doesn't have a power adapter and n...

Servet1 by Community Member
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