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Nest Thermostats

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Reset Nest temperature sensor to factory default

Hi,How do I reset the nest temperature sensor to factory so I can add them again to my nest App?I have 3 of the sensor and when added it keeps saying that it is associated with another Nest account. I had another account before migrated to Google. I ...

Increase in power consumption after installing nest thermostats?

Has anyone experienced a drastic increase in power consumption after installing nest thermostats? I’ve been getting crazy high power bills and it just dawned on me that it started right around the time I installed 3 nest thermostats in my home. Hard ...

ijasond by Community Member
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Heatlink brioken

My nest heatlink appears to be broken. The led’s don’t light up and the thermostat is not linking.i have 240v on the heatlink.can it be repaired?i cant find anywhere selling the heatlink itself. Where can i but just the heatlink itself?

ASUS Zenwifi AX

Since installing an ASUS ZenWiFi AX mesh I have been having problems with my Nest Thermostat (gen2) going offline in the app. I have tried downgrading the firmware to 42095 as there are known issues in the latest, stopping the thermostat from roaming...

squirex6 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Set Up Help - New House

Hi AllI have recently moved into a new house which the previous owner appears to have had nest heating set up in. There is a nest sender/receiver box attached to the boiler which when you press the button starts the boiler. However, it appears the pr...

Lewis by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Heat Link Gen 2

Our Heat link Gen 2 is dead, an electrician has tested it and there is an electricial supply to the unit, he tried to do a hard re-set but it failed. The battery is now drained in the room stat

Resolved! New Nest Thermostat - Heater Won’t Shut Off

I have a Trane XV 90 two-stage gas furnace with a two-zone Honeywell HZ322 control panel. I purchased a new Nest Learning Thermostat 3D gen and, after following all the instructions, it won’t stop heating during the first test run. Even though it say...

8091D749-DA0E-4533-BB55-D54848828728.jpeg 2ECF71D5-A8FD-4718-B672-54386E7B6357.jpeg
Jflo by Community Member
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Nest thermostat heatlink dead

Woke up this morning to a dead heatlink.Found this in an older thread.How often do you experience the issue? - First TimeHow long has your thermostat been installed for? - Just over a yearWhat colour is the Heat Link LED? - No LED present What is sho...