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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Thermostat temperature too high

We've had our Nest thermostat for over 4 years, this week the current temperature has been way above what it should be. In the past the current temperature was also a degree or less different from target temperature. When I came downstairs this morni...

Simoni by Community Member
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E104 error code

My themostat is giving me a error code e104. I have not changed any of the wiring from when it was intalled 1 year and 6 days ago and have never had trouble. I reset the thermostat and it is still not working, I have wires connected to the Y1, g, w1 ...

New Nest thermostat not a substitute for E thermostat

I installed four Nest E Thermostats last summer and have been very pleased with them, particularly as they have provided reassurance during Covid when away from the property during the cold New England winters. I recently tried to order two more and ...

nest thermostat keeps going into away mode

I work from home and my nest is constantly turning off the heat because it thinks I'm away. I've turned off auto-schedule and home/away assist in the app but it doesn't seem to matter. Getting really annoyed with this "smart" device always thinking I...

Resolved! H71 error but the Heat Link seems to have no power

H71 error (which I've had before and fixed) but it's the fixes are not working this time. No lights coming on Heat Link. I've tried to reset etc and turn on manually, it's dead. All power to house is fine, nothing has changed. It just stopped working...

Ebabington by Community Member
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Resolved! Thermostat E Wiring advice

HelloI’m hoping to install a nest thermostat e at a holiday home. However, I can’t fathom whether the wiring is compatible. What is installed looks fairly straightforward but whether this is compatible with the nest is another matter entirely. I shou...

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