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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat not visible in Nest or Google Home apps

I’ve had a Nest thermostat for several years and have never had any issues connecting to it via the Nest app. I recently bought a Nest video doorbell and upon trying to set this up got forced to migrate from the Nest app to Google Home. The doorbell ...

JPW1981 by Community Member
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can not add nest thermostat to my google home.

I get the following error when I try to scan the QR code : Error! Unable to start device pairing. Configuration not available. Then I tried to add it by skipping the QR code. I enter the 6 character code on the back of the unit and then it says to pi...

julsqns by Community Member
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Resolved! Fan won't turn on while furnace is heating and vice versa

I recently replaced our old "dumb" thermostat with a Nest unit. We have a forced air gas furnace for heat. The wires that are connected are: G,R (RH on the old model),Y,W, and C.Anyway, under normal conditions, the furnace turns on, heats up for a fe...

RickG13 by Community Member
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removing and adding new phone(s)

Upgraded from iphone 11 to 13 and I can see anywhere on the Nest ap to remove the 11 from the account and of course I can add the 13 because it states I already have a phone on the account. Please assist. Thank you **I currently do not have a Google ...

stlquag by Community Member
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Nest stuck on G logo

My Nest is stuck on “G” and I can’t get anything to work. I tried the restart to no avail. Help!!!

Adjusting temp on app

 My home temperature shows on my nest app and google home app. But I can’t lower or raise temperature with either app. Shows like this solid grey. I can’t even change the modes

Jjawava by Community Member
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nest thermostat startup

I tried to setup in google home, but when it asked for thermostat code the unit would not display anything. It just says continue with setup. I cannot get pas t this screen. The touch bar on the side does not do

dan62 by Community Member
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E102 error code

I have had my gen 3 learning thermostat all year and this week the device has suddenly not been able to use heat. The connection with the w1 wire keeps going out and it’s 45° outside. If I unplug the thermostat from the wiring mount it will reset the...

Joebelew by Community Member
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