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N260 error

Not sure why, I’m receiving this error. I have turned off and on the relevant breaker. I have also troubleshooted the wiring (will attach photos of before and after wiring). Please help - my home is very cold thank you.

Akr2131 by Community Member
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replacement heat link

Hi I need a replacement Heat Link, as the current one will not connect - shows a yellow light and now of the fault finding reconnection attempts have worked. the failure was approximately the same time as so me lightening in the area. Furnace fires u...

Darryl by Community Member
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WiFi issue with nest

My app for Nest says it’s offline. Thermostat says it’s online. I have deleted app and reinstalled. Shut off phone and restarted. Not sure what else to do. Can someone advise?

Lmc59 by Community Member
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Nest App can not find replacement nest thermostat

I have been through all of the troubleshooting multiple times - it is connected to my wifi network and working - I even un installed the nest app and reloaded it - it found my one thermostat with no issue but can not find my new thermostat that was a...


will my nest thermostat work with this setup? 

Dnavatto by Community Member
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Recurring 3 Minute Delay Message

I have a gen 3 Nest thermostat that replaced a battery powered 2 wire Honeywell unit. I installed the Nest using the existing wires and the furnace worked properly. The next morning the battery was completely drained. I charged it using the USB port ...

FH by Community Member
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