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Unable to charge battery via USB connection

I have not been able to establish why my nest thermostat 3rd generation cannot charge, I have tried multiple different USB plug connections throughout diff electrical sockets and it is no longer charging at all. Unclear what the issue is as it one da...

LolMc by Community Member
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Nest app says thermostat is offline, but it isn’t

The Nest app recognizes all of our thermostats, but it’s saying that one of them isn’t connected to Wifi and is offline, but it’s not. We can control the unit manually on the wall. Any idea what to do? Apparently, people have had this issue, but all ...

LexHarris by Community Member
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How to make a complaint?

I had my Thermostat replaced back in May, and have been waiting for the installation fee refund since then. I've had a case open (4-5026000031112) for a while, and keep being told that it's been escalated, but nothing happens. I contact support most ...

GavinHuss by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

How do I log in to my Nest thermostat via Windows. In the days when Google provided HUMAN support I got it working (about 18 months ago) but now I cannot remember how to log in. I am using the same Google account. I have tried the app on Android but ...

Device not connecting to app after power outage

Hi there, we have an original Google Nest Thermometer that has worked well for more than a couple years.We had a power outage last night and while the device did have a fully charged battery, it was dead this morning.Power was restored later in the a...

Wiring my new nest thermostat

Wiring on my current thermostat is as follows: C-blue, rh- red I have a jumper between rh and Rc, w/2 black, g- green, y-yellow, and w/e white. How would I wire my new nest learning thermostat:Thanks in advance fir any help you can provide