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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

W wire in nest not recongized

Im installing the basic nest thermostat, i have C, R, Y, G, and W wires cleaned straightened and inserted into the correct slots but the W wire has an N261 error and nest wont recognize it, i re stripped it and tried again to no avail. in the wiring ...

The heat does not turn on using my 3rd gen Google Nest Thermostat

I have an issue where the heat does not turn on. It is set to gas, forced air, and fan on. The fan doesn't even turn on sometimes.I have also tried setting it to electric - forced air in case it uses electricity. Neither appears to warm up my house.

JChen1 by Community Member
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Nest sensors stopped working

I’ve had two nest sensors working fine for the past 2+ years and out of nowhere they stopped connecting completely at the same exact time.I swapped the batteries, tried bringing them right up to the thermostat (3rd gen learning) and they will not con...

Thermostat not visible in Nest or Google Home apps

I’ve had a Nest thermostat for several years and have never had any issues connecting to it via the Nest app. I recently bought a Nest video doorbell and upon trying to set this up got forced to migrate from the Nest app to Google Home. The doorbell ...

JPW1981 by Community Member
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