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Nest Thermostats

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Two whites, two reds?

My current thermostat controls a boiler heater and an AC system. It seems to have two reds with jumper and two whites. For my nest learning thermostat can I connect reds to rh and rc? Does it matter if I don't know which is for cooling system in or h...

Berkleys by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Wiring G4CVZ

I bought a Nest G4CVZ thermostat to replace my existing Vive Model TP-N-721. The Nest has a 6-wire configuration. The Vive has an 8-wire connection/configuration (note attached image). The issue I'm having is the Vive has 1 - W/E and 2 - W/2 wires (3...

joy by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

Nest google app will not accept my password so I deleted the Nest app from my apple iphone. I reinstalled the app but it needs a new Entry Key - followed the instructions but it does not regenerate any new Entry Key. Please if anyone can help. Thank ...

RJP by Community Member
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Nest control

How do I stop google from changing the temperatures I scheduled on my Nest thermostat?

RobTonus by Community Member
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Can’t login to Nest App.

I can’t log into my Nest App through my iPhone. I have not migrated my account to Google. I still use my Nest login information to do so. When logging in, I get an error that the password is incorrect, which it’s not. Is the system down?

cannis by Community Member
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Not on gas anymore

Hi, I’ve recently replace my gas fired boiler with an air heat pump system. Does Nest recognise that I’m not using gas anymore?

Barryt70 by Community Member
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Nest room thermostat sensor

How do you connect the extra nest thermostat sensor to google home app? It connects to nest app but does not show up in google home app??

Tiger1 by Community Member
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