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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Heatlink. 3rd Gen Not Working

Hello Google, I have a problem with a 3rd generation Nest Heatlink which had been covered in a previous post here on the old forum:

Nest wiring question

Hi there! I was trying to install a nest Thermostat in my apartment. I wanted to confirm some wiring questions. My current Thermostat has a O wire but not a B wire. I wanted to make sure I could plug it into the O/B or not. How should I set the Nest ...

Smcdonald by Community Member
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Uk temp sensors

When is Nest going to expand to additional temp sensors? Add it into a Google home? Or the new WiFi system? Very disappointed in the results so far.

mfarkid by Community Member
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heat pump white w1 or w2/aux

I have a Rheem RH1T heat pump. Switching from Honeywell thermostat where the white wire was going into W2/Aux. Nest app told me to put this wire into W1. Is that correct or should it go into W2/Aux like on Honeywell?

Tdral by Community Member
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Heat link dead

This morning the power went out (at 5am). Upon switching the fuses back on the Heat link refuses to come back on. There are no lights on the heat link, switching the isolation on/off, pressing the button to reset for 20 seconds does nothing. I've gon...

sscanners by Community Member
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Hi I have trouble installing the thermostat, when I purchase it, the checker said it is compatible. But when I start installing it with the HOME app, it said the thermostat is not compatible. I am confused. My old one got a jumper wire connect to Rh ...


Cannot reset my thermostat - get TD030 code.

I have two other thermostats that are connected to my WiFi and that I can regulate from my phone. However, the third thermostat has been offline for over a month. I had to reset the third thermostat to factory settings and when I try and enter the ke...

Abowcock by Community Member
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Thermostat hard to turn

Nest thermostat is very hard to turn. On or off the wall same thing. It’s like I’m trying to open a tight jar lol. Wasn’t always like this either. My basement thermostat is perfectly fine and spins normal. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Goldilogz by Community Member
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