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I have a American Standard ACONT800 Series Touch Screen control panel that was installed in 2009. Is the Next thermostat compatible with the ACONT800 touch screen? Thank you!

moosetodd by Community Member
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New Install Blows Hot Air on Cool setting

After reading all the similar posts I know this is not odd. After seeing ZERO of the posts had responses, I am thinking this is hopeless. But I am going to ask any way. My wires are set up correctly. The A/C test blows hot air. If I say it didn't wor...

Nest Thermostat failing

When Nest was first installed, all features worked perfect for 3-4 months. Then problems began snowballing. Can’t find network, fails to connect to app, now stuck in a loop of resetting where it turns a/c on every 5 minutes.ive tried every standard s...

JungMind by Community Member
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Current temperature display

When set to heat and cool mode (where you set a high and low temperature and it will activate heat or cooling as necessary) there is a 3 degree window which the temperature maintains. When in this mode, if current temperature is within the requested ...

Sidetone1 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Can’t complete set up

When I try to complete the menu, thermostat says it needs to restart and willbe back in a few minutes. This has been happening for 6 hours. What is wrong? How can I get past this ?

Geri by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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System heating even while off

I recently set up the thermostat in an older house with a heat pump. After following the instructions the system was cooling no matter what I set the system to (heating or cooling). After reading the forums I switched the O option to B on the thermos...

Jkuhn12 by Community Member
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Wiring old to new nest RH and RC

Old thermostat wires:RH RC Y W G (no jumper)Nest wire connector has:Y C W G R OBI'm good with the Y W GWhere do I connect the RH and RC wires on to the nest wire connector?

rsterling by Community Member
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Nest thermostat compatible

I have a two wire thermostat R red wire and w1 yellow wire , is my system compatible to the nest learning thermostat ? And is installing as simple as cutting the power off and connecting the two wires ?

Thermostat wifi offline

I only had my thermostat only a few months and all of a sudden is now offline. All other devices are connected to wifi no problem. Did all troubleshooting, restart wifi and router, manually entered wifi information and says can't find. Battery is fin...

StephyD by Community Member
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