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Nest Thermostats

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Presence sensing

Google Home keeps telling me I’m using the app on another phone so will disconnect the phone I’m actually using. I have no other phone. I can switch settings to this phone but it does not save the setting. When I leave my house it doesn’t switch to A...

Bjdowell1 by Community Member
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Nest Learning thermostat with Nest Thermostat

I have a Nest Learning Thermostat in zone 1 of home and wanting to change out additional Tstat in upstairs zone 2. Can I use Nest Thermostat vs another Nest Learning one? Compatible? Any pros/cons? Thank you!

Jsavoie71 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Feature Request - Fan On

Can we get a fan “on” switch? I want my fan to always run and just have heat/cool engage when needed. The schedule fan thing is ok, but just a simple “on” switch would be nice.

Kronos888 by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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How to replace Comfort 365 with Nest

How to connect the Comfort 365t11 thermostat damper wires (COM, CLS, OPN) and also the temperature sensor wire (TS) to the Nest?

Monky by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest thermostat and app

I have a nest that is connected and working in NJ.when I try adding my Florida Nest to the app it jumps to Google Home.How can I get both working in my Nest app

Treabs by Community Member
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Nest compatibility

My current HVAC system has a wireless thermostat that I'm not happy with. I can't find if it would be compatible with the nest learning thermostat; please help!;) It's a Mitsubishi Electric SVZ-KP24 M-series unit. TIA!

Emon76 by Community Member
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Change Temp in presets

I have a Nest (basic) and run the app on an Iphone. I tried the google support line twice but they were unable to address Iphone based questions.During the initial set up i deleted the default presets.Now I have a schedule with comfort, sleep etc in ...

GaryKn by Community Member
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