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Nest temperature sensors associated with an old account

I recently got locked out of my old nest account, and despite many attempts from customer service I could not recover the account. I was advised to create a new account for my nest thermostat and sensors. The thermostat added fine, but the nest senso...

jnp1984 by Community Member
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Nest E wrong temperature since power outage

Nest E is one year old and has always worked great. Since power outage the temperature is far off, reading 10 degrees low. So the thermostat is calling for heat when house is already at desired temperature. Have reset twice.

Maintaining temperature while away

Hi,is there any other way, other than altering Eco, to maintain the temperature while out of the house. Here is the problem. I am on vacation for a week in winter and have Eco set to 55. A day before my return, I stop Eco and set the temperature to 6...

Armonkiwi by Community Member
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Two defective nest thermostats / heatlinks

Two defective thermostats/heatlinks. We have 4 nest thermostats controlling 4 heating zones within the same house but two of them are defective. The first one has never worked correctly as it does not connect to the heatlink while in the zone that it...

olis by Community Member
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I signed up for peak energy days. It said I will recieve a $75.00 prepaid card and $25.00 after each season finished. When do they sent out the first $75

Osealie by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat E

Trying to install a Nest E Thermostat. Question: Have an RH wire with jumper to RC on the old thermostat. Also have a W wire on the old thermostat. Do I disconnect the Jumper wire (as mentioned in the instructions) and just use the RH wire to connect...

nest thermostat

i am replacing an old thermostat with a mercury switch. it hooks to an oil furnace.what nest model should i get?

nedhalle by Community Member
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No Heat when temp is set

Having issues with Nest not coming on when the heat temp is set. It only states how long to reach heat with nothing coming on. Anyone having the same issue?

JSRT8 by Community Member
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