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Nest not finding Wi-Fi

It used to be connected just fine and suddenly stopped being able to find the Wi-Fi. Nothing changed and all other devices on my network have no problem finding it. I have reset, deleted and re-added, and already tried all the troubleshooting steps w...

Jodie51 by Community Member
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Tripping breaker

We have a strange issue that started this winter. Whenever we are away for more than 4 days we set Nest to 10C. The day we plan to return we then remotely resume the programming to heat the house back before we return home. Three times now this winte...

kbeaud79 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat batteries always low

I have had my nest thermostat installed for 2 weeks. I has preformed well, however, I have had to replace the AAA batteries 3 times! It seems to have central power because it powers up without batteries in the device. Looks like the wall power is a c...

factory reset without base?

I have two new NEST gen 3 thermostats. set them both up, one upstairs and one down. Two separate systems. They worked fine for 3 weeks and all of a sudden the one downstairs says it can't find the heating and cooling wires. tried connecting them agai...

brysk by Community Member
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A/C not working

The unit was working perfect with the only thermostat we installed the best thermostat and it was working great until a few weeks later. We agent to check the system and noticed that cold air option on the app or the thermostat was not available. We ...

Heat link

Heat link has totally stopped working.. no lights nothing mains power all ok so it's not that...

TRH by Community Member
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Resolved! Can I disable the Occupancy sensor in a Nest Thermostat E?

My thermostat is in the living room and I work elsewhere in the house. If I stay out of the living room for a while the thermostat set point lowers automatically and I get cold. I want to maintain the proper set point while I'm home but not in the li...

Shot by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat 3rd missing Emergency mode.

Hi,i just bought Nest Thermostat 3rd generation.i followed all steps. But the Emergency mode is missing.Nest suggest this wiring:Y1=heat/coolG=fanOB=Heat pumpW1=aux.heatC=24V commonRH=power My old thermostat wiring is:W2 W/E= jumper and one white wir...

Resolved! Nest Speaker stopped ability to set Nest Thermostat temperature

Until the other day my Nest Speakers could both answer "Whats the Inside Tempratrue" and "Set Temprature to XXX". A couple of days ago the first continues to work, but the second gets "Sorry it looks like Nest isn't available right now". The same is ...

kmand by Community Member
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Configuring the app

When trying to recognize the new thermostat, it takes me to a what kind of wires do you have page. And list a whole bunch of of codes for different wires. I don't know what to pick. I have already connected the C wire .

Steve9540 by Community Member
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