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Nest Temperature Sensor Short Battery Life

I purchased three sensors about a year ago. Two are still working fine. About two months ago, one started draining the battery quickly. I had to replace the battery just about every two weeks. It's not the distance to the thermostat because it connec...

flxmmy by Community Member
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Nest is heating to 68 when set to 55 at night

My sleep temperature is 55 and when my house dipped to 54 and the thermostat told the furnace to turn on, the nest didn't shut the furnace off till the house hit 68 (which happens to be my comfort setting). This is going to wreck my heating bills not...

kjk34 by Community Member
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Aux Heat not working with Electric Heat Pump

My Aux Heat doesn't turn on with Nest Thermostat. Am I wired correctly?System nor Google Home app doesnt show "heat pump balance" settingsmy old thermostat properly shows aux/heat settings ThanksMahi

Mahi by Community Member
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Heat Link manual mode turns itself on without pressing button!

I've had my nest 3rd gen thermostat for three years without any problem. Recently I've noticed that the heating has been coming on even though the thermostat said it shouldn't be (the screen was black and the temp was turned down).I looked in the boi...

Nest thermostat randomly changes pre-set

Thermostat is set on Eco 55 degrees in second home. Have checked twice and found thermostat set to 70. No one was there and no-one has access to Google Home App. Anyone have a fix to this problem?

Neat furnace

Has anyone knocked the nest unit off the wall?? And now heat won’t come on at all??

Smailman by Community Member
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Temp adjustments -manual and IPhone

I have just installed Nest App on my IPhone but now the thermostat does not show the temperature nor is it manually adjustable any longer . Can one do both or must I always use the phone app?

Aerc by Community Member
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Hello, was hoping someone could help me wire up this Nest Learning Thermostat. I have a new heat pump all electric outside system. Seven wires. Red, yellow, green, blue, brown, white and orange. It’s mainly the brown, white and orange that I’m not su...

Ktown1567 by Community Member
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