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Nest thermostat won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Hello. I recently received two new nest thermostats in the mail. I hooked the first one up on my first floor and had zero issues. I went to install the second for my second floor unit and it will not connect to Wi-Fi. It can’t even find the Wi-Fi. I ...

Ncop143 by Community Member
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Removing the nest thermostat from its base

I am getting a NO POWER error message and need to change the batteries but I am having a difficult time removing the device. I do not want to force it. Is there a trick to this?

KRey32 by Community Member
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Help with Nest installation

Hi,wondering if anyone can help me figure out if i can use a next thermostat with this setup! Something about the O wire needing to go into the c? or a C wire convers...

pvankuyk by Community Member
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Nest remote sensor

I accidentally removed the Nest thermostat app. I reinstalled and was able to reset it successfully. When I attempted to setup the remote sensor it says it belongs to another account. How do I reset it.

ES2 by Community Member
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Resolved! Battery Replacement. Alkaline or Lithium

I replaced the two AAA batteries that came with the Thermostat when it reported that the batteries were low. I installed alkaline not being aware that the originals were rechargeable Lithium ! I have a 'C; wire installed delivering 24VAC so do I stil...

JayDev by Community Member
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Dual fuel temperature switch hysteresis

I have a Nest 3 and dual fuel heat pump that switches to gas when the temp outside hits 35 F. Sometimes the outside temp hits 35.1, then 34.9, the 35.1 and so on. Maybe it’s not that close but it hovers around the boundary. When that happens I can he...