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Thermostat won't turn off

Just added a new Navien combi-boiler and the Nest now continues to send power via the red lead once the room comes to temp. Lower the temp on the nest, signal is still being sent. Turn off the nest, still get the need heat signal. Wiring is set up co...

MCS08097 by Community Member
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nest thermostat quality return claim for 4th time

I have placed a warranty claim. Replacement was sent. It came defective. Second claim set, replacement sent and again defective. Third claim set again another replacement set and it arrive defective one more timeIm very upset with the replacement equ...

Nest - Emergency + Aux Heat

Nest Learning ThermostatBosch IDS 2 Heat Pump System with 15kw heat strips When engaging Emergency Heat on a Nest learning thermostat, will AUX heat come on/off as needed to supplement the emergency heat?On my heat pump system, I have a 15kw electric...


Seems like there is zero support for anyone who is having issues like i am trying to log into the nest or google account to sign up with the local electric company program to save money. absolute the worst support or response in this huge corporate g...

DaveJ by Community Member
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The Google cwire adapter wasn't working with my 2 wire system (heat only). Since there aren't any nest professionals in our area, I called a local company and they recommended using Fast stat which has worked fine. I am getting notifications daily fr...

Jgvt by Community Member
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Can’t get nest and nest app to sync

Our thermostat randomly went offline one day and we could never get it reconnected. I’ve tried deleting the nest app connection and reset back to factory setting. The nest will connect to the wifi but once I try to sync it with the app, the app is te...

SRomo by Community Member
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New nest thermostat

I just wired in my new nest thermostat and it seems like its not kicking in the blower on the furnace.. the gas turns on and the cold air return is sucking air but the heating vents are hardly blowing any air at all. I only have 3 wires hooked up C/R...

JonG by Community Member
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