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Google Nest will not connect to app after factory reset

Our Google Nest Learning Thermostat continues to give an error message every time we try to connect the thermostat to the Nest App. We have tried resetting the thermostat several times and also tried the factory reset several times, however we contin...

dpberry by Community Member
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Rush hour eligibility

Got a email from nest google wanted to sign up for rush hour program an was told my nest thermostat did not qualify, wondering if anyone knows why? I believe I was on it last year with Nyse&g

Received E195 error on Nest e thermostat.

My thermostat is show E195 error no power to R wire. I reset and checked circuit breaker, reset Nest thermostat but nothing helped. This is not a new install. It has been working for years. All of a sudden, this error appeared. I have not experienced...

ches320 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat running for long times

My thermostat is currently set at 65 degrees and the inside temp is 65 degrees, but my app glows orange saying the heat is running, and the history shows its been running for 1.5 hours now, and there's no heat coming from the vents. Why does the hist...

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Fritz1 by Community Member
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Not turning on

Hello, I replaced my thremostat to NLT and we tried installing it a few weeks ago but it's not turning on. So we reinstalled our old thermostat so we have ventilation. We tried installing it again today and still the same. We just followed the same w...

Halbrand by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Hardwiring Nest Thermostat?

We had a new boiler fitted just over a year ago and had a 3rd gen Nest installed with it.The Nest has been fitted in our hallway and currently has a USB cable hanging down the wall into a plug socket below. We're in the process of having the house re...

isitafox by Community Member
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NEST thermostat to control Trane XL15c Heat Pump

My existing wiring set up is G R C Y1 W1. I am considering a purchase of Trane heat pump model XL15c (single stage compressor with two stage fan). (1) Is it true that the NEST thermostat can not control this model because the NEST will only operate a...

Resolved! Moving to a new home

I just move to a new home but it appears an account was already set up for the previous tenants. How do I connect my own accounts to the home?

Famson by Community Member
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