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Google family & Nest

I am a Google family member and cannot get access to our Nest Learning Thermostat. I tried to scan the barcode and I see my home listed in the app, but I have no functionality to see the data or settings.

rustichut by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Has Never Worked

We put in a new HVAC system in the spring of 2019. Our guy asked if we wanted to go the Nest route and we did. This thing has been a pain ever since he installed it. I’ve called a few times only to get nowhere. Troubleshooting was a waste. The thermo...

MHR1 by Community Member
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Set electric instead of gas

Hey all.. So I've had my thermostat heat setting set to electric forced air for 4 or 5 months and idk what made me think about it but realized it should have been on gas forced air.. I have a gas furnace and double checked in the attic and did see th...

sicoupe08 by Community Member
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Timed heating

Why can't I get my nest thermostat to boost the heat for one hour? My partner is very ill and we need the option to just put the heating on for one hour. How hard is it to enable this?? Seems like a basic option for any bloody 'smart' system.

Thermostat Compatibility Check -

I am looking to replace my current thermostat which is a Honeywell Focus Pro 500 with the Nest Thermostat. Can someone confirm if Nest will work and which model? Thank you!

Honeywell Focus Pro 500 Thermostat.jpg
JohnS23 by Community Member
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w5 error code.

I have a w5 error code. Tried every trouble shooting recommendation, driving me crazy, any advice?

Heat blowing cold

Lately my heat blows cold air when set to heat. FYI I do not have AC. I have found that if I turn the nest off or reset the unit the heat works fine but recently has started to revert back to cool. It is 20 degrees here in Boston and I do not need th...