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Nest Thermostats

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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Nest Thermostat problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of Nest Thermostats.Before trying these stepsMake sure you're using the correct app for setup. Need help checking which model you have? Use the Google Home app to set up the following...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Will a European Nest Learning Thermostat work in North America?

Hello, I would really like the Heat Link device for my new home in Canada that in-floor hydronic heating. If I can get my hands on a European Nest model that has this, I assume I'll have no issues make it work with my heating system here in Canada?

atburi by Community Member
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We currently have a Comfortmaker furnace/heat pump. This is a photo of the wires,  I checked the compatibility checker and it stated I needed more help. Does anyone know if this would be compatible with a Nest thermostat?

CourtneyD by Community Member
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Setting up and operating Nest thermostat without wifi

Hello,I am moving to a house in with a Nest thermostat. I do not know the specific model. It seems that the previous owners did a factory reset, and my understanding is that setup will require the app. However, internet cannot be installed before the...

BVN22 by Community Member
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No hot water

everything was fine then hot water stopped working. Plumber advised the nest was broken so we bought a new one but the issue is the same. Heat working fine but boiler not turning on when we boost hot water. Hot water schedule doesn’t trigger boiler e...

Sinead1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Optimized Occupancy

Hi folks,We're a small church built in 1865 with an old oil furnace and steam radiators. The heating bill is our biggest expense, and on a winter Sunday morning it can take 3-4 hours to get from 50 degrees (where we keep the temperature during the we...

Power to heat link

I have a brand new Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat that I installed today, but doesn’t work after connecting everything and then applying power.The Heat Link has ~230V over the L/N terminals, but does not light up. Consequently, there os not ...

Ditch7569 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I recently installed a Nest Learning thermostat (Pro edition). I do not want any schedules or learning. I have everything turned off, but it still changes the temperature setting on its own. I keep it set at 60 for heat, but it keeps changing to 69 w...

Eck1060 by Community Member
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Nest 3rd gen W5 error not connecting to WiFi

Hello,I have issue with connecting to WiFi, where thermostat showing W5 error, shuting down...gone over troubleshooting, charging it...nothing works.I bought it on in Fabruary 2023. Everything worked fine, using Open Therm protocol on my Co...

WiGo by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest thermostat Routine

Here is what I am trying to accomplish I have Home and Away setup(motion) how I want it, I have a separate game room from the main house. I have teenagers that can't remember anything and live in South Dakota so I have to turn it down when not in use...

Aarik by Community Member
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