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Nest Thermostats

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Trying to set up Nest thermostat

Trying to set up my new nest on my app. I have got as far as where it says to choose the last 4 characters of my device. I cant put anything on the screen. There is no place to put it on.

gdhunt13 by Community Member
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Nest “controlled temp”

Nest won’t budge past 77 until 11 at night. I’d like to think it’s saving me money but it’s not. How can I fix this? If I change the temp it doesn’t help


I did a factory restart to stop my NEST from changing to 75. I did not have it set up on my phone because the one downstairs was. I don't know how to open or get it to restart. What do I do??

Nancy4 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest compatible?

Hello, please advise if my system is nest compatible. Thank you 

JMarx by Community Member
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Nest wire compatibility

I currently have a honeywell thermostat that only has two wires connected to it. The Rand C wires are all that is connected. Is the nest thermostat compatible with this wiring?

Rmorrow by Community Member
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Nest contact issues

I am having trouble getting a hold of a real representative to speak with. My thermostat keeps resetting itself to 95 degrees when I get home. I can’t change the safety temp lower. Does anyone know how I can get a representative to call or chat with ...

Home/Away Assist

I recently purchased the Nest Leaning with a remote sensor. I have setup the remote sensor to be the one controlling the temperature in the 4 blocks to time: Sleep, morning.... when I am at home. However, I want the Thermostat temperature sensor to b...

Maperilo by Community Member
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Resolved! Connection issue

I am having issues with connection to my WiFi. The thermostat had been connected and then got disconnected. Tried fixing it and now all I have is a spinning circle of dots trying to connect. I can't get out of it

hussfam by Community Member
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