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Nest temporally loses furnace contact

Hello. I've had a gen2 Nest for probably close to 10 years. This heating season, it has started acting up. It seems to lose contact with the furnace. It accurately senses the house temperature and it follows the schedule. It will turn orange indicati...

newmoth by Community Member
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United Kingdom

Boiler not responding to thermostat and when desired temperature is reached doesn’t turn off.I have reset the Nest, reset the boiler

Legend by Community Member
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Issue installing Google Nest (2020)

I bought my parents a 2020 Nest thermostat for Christmas, and I'm having some issues installing it. I installed an earlier model in our house without issues and I am quite proficient with home electrical systems, so this one is really stumping me. I ...

QuadMcFly by Community Member
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Resolved! Which Nest Thermostats are compatible with Honeywell Humidifier

I have a first Gen nest which did not have the ability to control a humidifier. There appear to be 2-3 different Google Nest Thermostats. Does anyone know which of these models has control for an external whole house humidifier. Terrible info on the ...

Craw by Community Member
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Cannot get Google Home app to recognize Nest Thermostat

Details:Google Home app is latest version (no update available)I'm on an iPhone 10X running 15.0.1 Steps being taken:Open app on iPhone Click + sign at top leftSelect 'Set up device' option under 'Add to home' section Choose 'New devices' option Tap ...

Boompa by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat

Hi my nest thermostat fires the heating up fine when it's scheduled to come on in the morning but once it's reached the right temperature it switches off and doesn't maintain the temperature on the schedule or fire the heating up for the rest of the ...

LCHEZZ by Community Member
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My heating is set to come on twice a day. It often says preheating several hours before the start time of heating session. Is it meant to take so long to get to required heat(4 hours to reach 21) or am I doing something wrong?

Samg1 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat schedules and Presets

Hi, there is likely a post on this. I got the Nest Thermostat recently. And I set a sleep schedule , however when I go away and use my away preset the sleep schedule overrides. I had to delete the sleep schedule from each day. What I want to happen i...

Stove40 by Community Member
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Help Nest Termostat 3rd Gen and thermostatics heads connected ? Help

HelloHere is my installation:Gas boiler with 6 radiators, five of which are equipped with an autonomous thermostatic valve on a single heating circuit.Nest 3rd gen room thermostat installed in the living room.T ° Day 21.T ° Night 17Everything works w...

ZZ007 by Community Member
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