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Nest thermostat

Can’t get my thermostat nest thermostat working on my phone it went down sometime this morning asked for a password and I haven’t been able to get it back. ?

Gmcleer01 by Community Member
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Google nest down

Hi I've bought two Nest thermostat 2 years ago from official amazon store, but now that control board on the wall seems to be broken (tried doing everything in troubleshooting - like charging it's just down) it's one that controls heating and upstair...

redhead by Community Member
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H71 occuring randomly at a frequent rate

Hi all. I have since more than two years a Google nest thermostat of 3rd generation. It used to work fine, but recently it started to display, quite regularly (several times a day) the H71 error saying that it can not control the heating system. This...

2 heating zones, 1 Nest 3rd generation thermostat

I need some help from an expert in heating and nest setup.I have a 3rd generation nest thermostat and want to know if this is enough to regulate the 4 radiators upstairs in my house and the ground floor wet underfloor heating system with them having ...

Boreoff by Community Member
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Resolved! N260 error with voltage at 15.5

I replaced my Honeywell Z-Wave stat with an entry level "Nest" stat (not the "E" or learning one) because I no longer have or use the Z-wave system and wanted my stat accessible through the internet. It has Y,W,R,G, and C (blue) wires. I connected th...

Home/away assist

I installed a nest thermostat and am using home app. I am using my iPhone to track home and away. I am the only user and do not have any other Google products. From history in the nest app it does show when I leave and arrive . However the app does n...

Jerico by Community Member
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Connection question

My system has a y2 w2 G W C Y and a jumper R Rc with the wire in the RC slot. The nest only has 6 connections. Y C W G R *OB. Which unit should I buy?

Wbeauford by Community Member
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Intermittent Nest thermostat

Intermittent problem: Thermostat is set to a temperature and the display is orange but furnace does not turn on. Most other times it fine. If I turn the dial down on temp and back up to desired setting it usually kicks back on. I tried resetting ther...

Marco62 by Community Member
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